Studio operation in the Corona period: tips & recommendations

by SportsNow

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Due to current events concerning the coronavirus, we have compiled tips and recommendations for you in order to be able to support you in the best possible way.

1. Inform customers optimally ℹ️

For clear and proactive communication, SportsNow offers you practical options. We would like to show you how to use the functions optimally.

Send messages

With the messaging feature, you can easily and quickly send push messages to selected members or groups of members.
For example, you can send a message only to customers who have an active pass or to all participants of a selected class.

💡  A push message reaches your customers directly on their smartphones and remains visible for 24 hours in the «Home» of the SportsNow app.

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Use newsletters 📧

SportsNow offers you an integration with MailChimp. MailChimp is an email marketing service that makes it easy to send email messages to your customers.
As with the messaging function, you can easily and specifically select the desired recipients. You also benefit from the numerous templates available in MailChimp.

💡  Your customers are automatically transferred once a day from SportsNow to MailChimp.

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Create news articles 📰

Use your own news page on SportsNow to publish information in the form of articles. You also have the possibility to post a picture or photo. The news page is also ideal to inform your customers in more detail.

💡 Your customers automatically receive a push message for new posts. They are also visible in the «Home» section of the SportsNow app.

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2. Being there for each other safely – online classes in your studio ❤️

Offer alternative offers that allow especially vulnerable people to continue training from home.

We would like to present to you some options that you can check for possible use. One option is to provide live streams that allow your members to participate in your classes online. Previously recorded classes in video format „on-demand“ are also supported: Sell your videos on the new video portal. We would like to introduce both options to you briefly:

Live-Streaming: Your online classes 📅📺

Use SportsNow to easily and conveniently offer online classes via live stream. Create new classes and possibly new passes that can be booked by your customers. Ideally set up online payment methods so that your customers can pay directly by credit card or TWINT.

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Offers in your video portal 🎥

Create video recordings of your classes, which you can offer for sale directly in SportsNow using the „Video Portal“ feature.

For example, you can offer your customers a 30-Days Challenge with selected videos, a monthly subscription with unlimited access like Netflix, or individual videos for sale. Your customers don’t need to install any additional apps and can watch your videos directly on SportsNow or within the app.

You can therefore prepare and start your classes in peace and quiet. To store your videos online, you need cloud storage.

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3. Adapting business to the situation ⚙️

SportsNow will help you adapt your business to the situation and comply with regulations.

Restrict the number of participants 👥

You can adjust the available number of seats for your classes. We recommend that you do this directly for each class via the participant list and not in the basic settings of the classes (under «Set up my studio»).

2 in 1: Classes on site in the studio and with live stream 🙌

With SportsNow you have the possibility to indicate for each course how many places are available on site and you can also offer the course as a live stream. This allows you to combine face-to-face lessons with live streaming offers. This means you can advertise available places on site for lessons (e.g. in small groups) and also add more members with live streaming. When booking, you can differentiate whether the participation should take place on site or via live stream. No available seats will be deducted for participation via live stream.

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Check-in: Keeping the overview 👀

If you use our check-in system, you can see the current number of visitors in your studio at a glance. This is especially helpful to keep within the current limits. You can also use the check-in history to track all visits.

💡 All check-ins of a customer can also be found in the customer details.

Show instructions: Check-in and access control 📡

Avoiding queus 🤓

With our latest update you can allow your members to check the workload in your studio before they visit. They can see in real time directly in their app if there is still capacity for a training session or if the limit of visitors is already reached.

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Adjust registration and cancellation deadlines ⏱

At present, it may make sense to shorten the registration and cancellation deadlines, so that cancellations and participations at short notice are possible. You can easily adjust the deadlines in the class settings.

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Working with waiting lists 📋

With waiting lists, you can ensure that if you cancel at short notice, a waiting customer will be notified immediately and can register immediately. This helps you to make the best possible use of the already limited places.

💡 You can also use the waiting list function for individual appointments. Activate this option under «Set up my studio» – «Further settings» – «Booking settings». Put a check mark at «Offer a waiting list for individual appointments» and click on «Save settings».

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Postpone classes and workshops 📆

If you would like to postpone your classes and workshops until further notice or offer alternatives, we recommend that you cancel your classes or enter company holidays. All affected bookings will be cancelled automatically, participants will be informed accordingly and passes will be adjusted or credited.

💡 In the pass settings (under «Set up my studio» – «My passes») you can specify whether the validity period should be automatically extended by the duration of the company holidays.

💡 If you have already entered company holidays without having previously made the pass settings, delete the company holidays again, update the pass settings, and enter the company holidays again.

💡 When canceling a class or entering company holidays, you can enter a reason or information. This information is also displayed in the timetable. So you can inform your customers about possible catch-up possibilities.

We hope that our tips and recommendations will help you get through the Corona period in the best possible way. Stay healthy!

Further topics:
Finding accommodating solutions 🤝

SportsNow accompanies you in the Corona time and helps you find accommodating solutions for your customers.

Pause passes 💤

If a customer belongs to a risk group and therefore cannot train for some time, you can simply pause the member’s pass. A pass can be paused several times so that you can react to the current situation.

💡 If a pass is paused, the member cannot make any check-ins or bookings during this time. The duration of the pass is extended by the period of the pause.

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Write notes ✏️

Use the notes feature to record important information and agreements with your customers. The notes are visible to the team and can be edited together. This way all important information always remains in the system and is not lost.

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